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Thanks to the trust and love of our fellow countrymen, JK Tyre has become the first Tyre company in India to roll out 20 Million Truck and Bus Radial tyres. Thank you India for helping us achieve this milestone.


JK Tyre has become first Indian Tyre brand to reach the 20 Million Milestone. It is not the first time that we have become the first one to do or achieve something. In fact, being an innovation-led company, being first is a habit for JK Tyre. We have always been a pioneer in our industry. Let’s take a walk through our glorious history.

Pioneered Radial technology In India by introducing Steel Belted Passenger Radials in


Manufactured Steel Belted Tyre for 3 wheeler in


Established an Independent and one of its kind, state-of-the-art R&D Centre in Asia in


T-Rated Radial in


(SPEED RATING-190 kmph)
Manufactured Dual Contact
Aquasonic Tyre


Manufactured H-Rated Radial in


(SPEED RATING-210 kmph)
Manufactured All Steel Truck & Bus Radials


First ever Asia Zone Rally Champion in the year


& Five Times National Rally Champion
- JK Tyre’s Hari Singh
Manufactured Radials for entire range.
-Truck / Bus, LCVs, MCVs, Jeeps, Cars and Tractors


Manufactured ‘Eco-Friendly’ Radial
- Green Tyre


Manufactured Asymmetric Passenger Radial tyre


Manufactured V-rated Passenger Radials in


(SPEED RATING-240 kmph)
Manufactured Z-rated Formula Radials in


(SPEED RATING-300 kmph)
Manufactured India's Largest OTR Tyre 40.00-57 in


World's first Tyre company to receive the ISO 9001 Certificate for its entire operations in one go & receive the QS 9000 Certificate for multi-location operations
First Tyre company in India to receive a Commendation Certificate from the "CII-Exim Bank Award for Business Excellence."
First Indian Tyre company to have verified carbon footprint as per ISO 14064
First Tyre company to introduce Karting in India
First Indian Tyre Company to be recognized as "SUPERBRAND"
-We have now received this award 7 times in a row
First Indian Company to roll-out 10 Million Truck/Bus Radial Tyres


First Tyre brand to feature in the LIMCA book of records for Manufacturing India's Largest Tyre


First Tyre brand to introduce Sensor based Smart Tyre-TPMS solution in India in


First Tyre company in India to install an anechoic chamber for noise measurement.
First Tyre company in India to install the 'On-level Tyre Test Machine generating real-time data in tyre testing.
Partners of Success

In the long and amazing journey of 20 million tyres, JK Tyre has got support and companionship of numerous partners. It is all because of their trust and love that we could achieve this grand milestone. This achievement is as much theirs, as it is ours. Today, we are not just celebrating the feat, but also those who made it possible.


JK Tyre pioneered Radial technology in India way back in 1977. Since then, JK Tyre has been a leader in the domestic market and is a dominant player in the O.E. segment with approval of supplies to almost all OEMs including Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Eicher, Bharat Benz, AMW, Volvo, etc. In 2016, JK Tyre achieved the milestone for being the first tyre company to have 10 Million truck tyres on Indian roads.

Innovation is the very core of our existence. Other than innovative and advanced products, we also offer numerous innovative services to our customers.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management is a concept created by JK Tyre to offer added value to its customers. The program is aimed at increasing our connection with our customers. It offers total tyre solutions – from the purchase of new tyres to tyre disposal – to ensure the optimum Cost Per Kilometre (CPKM)

Heal The Wheel

It is a tyre check-up campaign for truck and bus fleets under our Fleet Management Programme. In this activity, all installed tyres are checked for inflation pressure, irregular wear, and the removed tyres are checked for scrap analysis. After examination of tyres, we share the data pertaining to tyre performance, fuel consumption, and CPKM. A detailed report of the same is then discussed with the owner, along with a suggestion plan for proper care and maintenance to enhance tyre life and reduce CPKM.

Tyre Care Centre

JK Tyre understands the importance of service in the commercial segment and hence was the first company to establish a pan India network of Tyre Care Centres on important national highways. Tyre Care centres-JK Tyre Truck Wheels​ provide the following services to transporters: Tyre Repairs, Inflation pressure check, Tyre Rotation, Tyre service. Currently there are more than 50 Tyre Care Centre’s located in different cities across India.

Awards and

JK Tyre is one of the most respected and admired brands in the country. We have won not just the hearts of millions of Indians, but also numerous prestigious National & International Awards & Accolades along the way. Let’s have a look at those awards.

Kankroli Tyre Plant, Rajasthan
Banmore Tyre Plant, MP
Vikrant Tyre Plant, Mysore
Vikrant Tyre Plant (Radial), Mysore
Tornel Plant, Mexico
Vikrant Tyre Plant (OTR), Mysore
Chennai Tyre Plant, Chennai
Laksar Tyre Plant, Uttarakhand
Made in India.
Loved by India.

JK Tyre is proud to be a world-class brand that is truly Indian. We have a global presence, yet India and its culture is deep-rooted in our being. From research and development to product designing, and from final production to quality check, at JK Tyre our entire process is indigenous and everything happens on the soil of this country. We make in India to make sure that maximum benefit is reaped by our fellow countrymen. We constantly work towards providing best-in-class products to the Indian customers and create more employment opportunity for Indian workforce. Our products are made by Indians, made for Indians and appreciated by Indians.

Gratitude and
a Grand Salute